Protect your house and make it look gorgeous to outsiders with our one-of-a-kind siding services.

Any homeowner knows that when it comes to protecting your house, siding installation is a big part of the process. It is essentially cladding material that you place outside of your house, over your walls to protect your home from the outside. You don’t want your walls caving in or cracking at any point, do you? This is why siding installation is so important and one of the most essential things you need to do when you purchase a home.

Why You Need Siding Installation

Low maintenance once installed, siding does not require any major maintenance or upkeep. Most siding materials are made of vinyl or fiber cement, and these last a very long time without any additional investment.

Improves your curb appeal

Good siding installation adds to the overall appeal of the house. It gives it a sleek and modern finish and makes it a good selling point if you ever want to sell your house. It can also come in different types and colors, which can allow you to play around with the material and create a unique and personal aesthetic.

No more paint

It also reduces the number of paint jobs that you would otherwise have to do on your house. This is because it provides a sturdy protective coating that preserves your paint.

Our Approach

At Modernexterity, we take our jobs very seriously. Before we start siding your home, we make sure to repair any existing structural damage that your home may be facing. This is an important step because if we miss it, chances are the structural damage will persist and worsen under the siding with time. Once our bases are covered, we consult you, the client, to see what you want in terms of coverage, and colors. Then, we begin our installation.

About Our Company

We provide all services related to siding, including our most popular James Hardie siding that gives your house a lovely finish. Moreover, we hire the best experts who can guide you on what the best approach for you might be.

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